The Basic Rolfing®   Series

The basic Rolfing®  series consists of ten sessions. A Rolfer ® starts by evaluating the client’s structure and by taking photographs for later reference. The client is then asked to lie on the table, as the Rolfer®  sensitively applies just the right amount of pressure where the fascia is restricted.

Rolfers®  don’t just work with connective tissue; they work with rhythms of respiration and other responses of the body. They also educate the client in ways of using the new-found freedom.

The client may be asked to breathe into the area being worked and/or to make synchronized movements. The combination of applied pressure and synchronized response frees and repositions the connective tissue and aligns the body’s segments.

Each Rolfing®  session builds upon the results of the previous one, so that the results are cumulative. The first seven sessions remove strain from specific areas of the body, the lower back, neck, knees, etc. The remaining sessions organize and align the body as a whole, resulting in better balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and a higher energy level.

My sessions last an hour and a half (90 minutes). I feel that I can accomplish the most with my clients–and they see the greatest benefit–when we work with 90 minute sessions.The amount of time between sessions varies and is determined on an individual basis. The average spacing is a week to two weeks.

I charge $150 per session.  I have a discount structure (below) if you are interested in a package for the 10 series of sessions.  Also, if you are military, a public servant, or certified healthcare professional, or clergy I offer additional discounts.


10 series      Payment 1      Payment 2      Payment 3      Total Investment      Total Discount

Prepaid            $1,275                                                                      $1,275                         15%

2 Payments     $675                 $675                                               $1,350                         10%
(1st and 6th

3 Payments      $475                 $475                 $475                    $1,425                          5%

Paid per                                                                                                $1,500

If you are military, a public servant (police, fire, etc), a certified healthcare professional, or clergy I offer the 10 series for $1,200 or, if paid per session, $123 per session.

Alternatives to the Basic Series
I Work to Normalize Your Body Structure
and Motion Patterns in Four Different Ways:

1. Short-term, symptom oriented to relieve pain or discomfort: My work is focused locally, regionally or with a specific issue. I assume your problem is structurally related and may ask you to see a physician first to eliminate any possible medical problems.

2. Medium-term, for chronic problems: Sequences of 3-9 structurally specific sessions designed to systematically process your whole body. This work is best done weekly or can be divided, for example, into a shorter series of 3, a short break, another session of 3, and so forth.

3. Long-term, for stress relief, anti-aging, or preventive maintenance: This involves steady, ongoing work over time. For example, one session a month helps maintain body resilience and compensate for pre-existing problems, postural habits, minor accidents, aging and stress. Benefits generally include enhanced alignment and motion efficiency, improved awareness, energy and vitality.

4. Performance enhancement, personal growth, and development: I design an individually tailored series of sessions focused on improving your flexibility, vitality, resonance, awareness, and balance for activities such as music, acting, dance, yoga, exercise or sports. My focus here is with your specific interests, needs and activities.